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Knowledge against ignorance
Human negligence and recklessness on the environment as well as economic exploitation are causing a "species genocide". Many of the precious plant resources of our planet have already come to the
verge of extinction.
Education is quintessential in the fight against carelessness about the environment. In order for people to value the planet's original habitat, they need to be educated about their surroundings.
With this in mind, the BIFLORATM database aims at the completion of a century old endeavour - the documentation of Hainan's highly endangered plant species. The biodiversity has been to some degree already documented in dried herbaria. These efforts will now be supplemented with precise located geographic information and photographs. Furthermore during this activity so far unknown plants will be identified and documented.
First, BIFLORATM's intention is to make available on-line as much as scientific information about the tropical species. Second, the database wants to provide necessary facts and figures to decision-makers to devise protective strategies and third, aims at supporting basic academic research.
BIFLORATM should be used as an example for a tool that encourages locals all over the world to preserve their environment and prevent those valuable genetic resources from becoming extinct forever.
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